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We Are Fortrust.

Est. 1994 in Sydney Australia, Fotrust Education Services is a leading edge education agency in the delivery of services and the marketing quality educational institutions to international students.

To better present Fotrust branch offices were set up in the Asia Pacific Region in Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Myanmar and Philippines. These local presences have helped Fortrust build solid strategic alliances and have created exceptional opportunities for continual support to students. Our education institution partners have also been very impressed with the quality and caliber of students we have been able to introduce to them from the enormous and every growing Asia Pacific Region.

And for 24 years, Fortrust helped and guided over 25,000 students in choosing the right course and the right education provider to achieve academic dreams and successes abroad.

Fortrust Services

Education Consultation

Our expert counsellors help you go through all the options available to you, so that you can make an informed choice on what the best education program and institution is for you.

Travel Arrangement

Studying abroad requires many steps, many of which begin in your home country. Let us handle all the travel arrangements (flights, timetables, documents, etc).

Accommodation Arrangement

Finding the right place to stay is not only about budget and distance. It is about comfort. The place that you can put your full effort in your studies and experience abroad.

Visa Processing Administration

Don’t let the visa process become your headache. We will help you gather all the correct documents and fill in the right information so that you will only have to do it once, worry-free.

English Simulation Test

Find out what your English proficiency level is before you study abroad. This way, you can see whether you are ready or not to take on all the challenges of living in an English speaking country!

Profiling Test

Complete our Profiling Test and see what fits you best, so that you can make the best decisions moving forward.

Pre-Departure Information

Our expert counsellors will equip you with all the knowledge to deal with any problems that arise from both your host, and home country.

Others-Health Insurance/Foreign Exchange

There are many new things you will be exposed to on your adventure abroad. Let us help you find the right health insurance, money exchange, etc.

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