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Even if you cannot visit the US yet, it’s rare that you are not aware of the country and its dominating hold on the world. With the multitude of films, TV series, novels and news among other things coming from the US, you may easily be very much so knowledgeable about the country and its significance in the world even at a young age. As the fourth largest land area in the world, the US is truly a melting pot of cultures – with people from all nations coming to this country. The birthplace of the American dream and home to several of the world’s greats in different industries, the US is a definite force to be reckoned with in today’s day and time. These in itself are the reasons why international students are attracted to study in the US; from all they have seen or even heard about the country, intrigue and curiosity often lead them to consider pursuing their higher education in the US.

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Why choose study in United States

Employment prospects
International students in the US can work in a job on campus up to 20 hours a week. Most find that their time is better spent taking internships, or Curricular Practical Training, which allows students to work for university credit in a job in a related field. Nearly every university, even those not located in big cities, has employees dedicated to helping students secure internships. All US universities also offer numerous extra-curricular activities that provide real-world job experience. This could include writing for the school newspaper, participating in science fairs, joining the debate team, and much more. The idea is to give you practical experience to hone what you learn in class. This becomes invaluable when interviewing for a job. All US institutions have a career services department staffed with professionals focused on helping students with their CV, teaching job interview skills, and helping them find job opportunities, both during and after their studies.

Thanks to the sheer size of the US and the large number of institutions, there is a perfect fit for each type of student. Huge, sprawling campuses that feel like cities, and small, intimate campuses that feel like a collection of close friends. Tropical islands, arid deserts, snowy plains; the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Manhattan. In the US, there is truly something for everyone and every type of learner.

Learn English
English is the primary language spoken in the US and all courses are taught in English. Students can develop their skills and become more desirable to employers. Most US campuses offer English language courses specifically for international students, as well as study groups and mentoring programs where students can practice their language training.

Amazing innovation and Research
The US is at the forefront of scientific and creative innovation. Large research institutions in the US, in particular, offer opportunities for students to work side-by-side with their professors and apply what they are learning in the classroom in the lab or workshop. US institutions proudly support the fieldwork their faculty is doing and information is readily available on research opportunities students can undertake.

Explore United States Life

The History
Despite being the new kid on the block, the United States is full of historical attractions in every corner of our country. Who can forget Lady Liberty, who welcomed so many hopeful immigrants to her shores? Or the Alamo, where a turning point was made in the Texas Revolution? And of course there are the Deadlands, where so much of American culture was rooted in the beginning of westward expansion. These landmarks and locations remind us of our roots and offer foreigners insight into who we are and where we come from. Visit Gettysburg, Pennsylvania the weekend of July 4-7 and you will even find yourself in the midst of a Civil War re-enactment. This year will be the 150th Gettysburg Anniversary Civil War Re-enactment where thousands of reenactors from across the nation will be staging the battle re-enactments in remembrance of one of the single largest and one of the most pivotal military engagements ever fought on American soil.

The Geography
America’s land is vast and its awe-inspiring geography keeps you guessing at every turn. You could start in the swamps of the Southeast, head north to the mountains and rivers, then make your way west to the beautiful lakes, head back south to the desert, and west again to the ocean. Our country is especially known for its national parks. Even the lesser-known parks have some of the most amazing views in the country, such as the Great Sand Dunes National Park, where you can admire the snow-capped mountains while standing on the hot Colorado dunes. The Food
America is a melting pot, and with that comes a kaleidoscope of options in the culinary department. Chinese food in San Francisco, Mexican in Arizona, Indian in New York City, and of course Southern home cooking in the South. Whatever your flavor, we have it. Likewise, the United States is also home to some of the most renowned chefs in the world. These culinary masters are featured at some of the tastiest gourmet festivals the U.S. has to offer, ranging from the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado to restaurant weeks around the country. We’re even known for our food trucks, which are an up-and-coming part of America’s food scene. Look at Austin, Texas, where food trucks serve up everything from Korean barbecue to chicken and waffles.

The People
When visiting the States, many people focus only on the big cities, forgetting about the small towns and main streets that make up the heart of America. For the fourth of July, these small towns are exactly where you want to be. At the Independence Seafood Festival in Bar Harbor, Maine, you can treat yourself to a seafood feast with fireworks, celebrations, and not-so-traditional crustacean races. You could also visit Cooperstown, New York for the second longest running Fourth of July parade in the country – that’s just to name a few of America’s hidden gems.

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