Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak Campus)


Why choose study in Malaysia

Best destinations for studying abroad Malaysia's rich culture – due to the major and minor ethnicities living in the country – is one of the main reasons why it is one of the best destinations for those who want to study abroad. As of 2015, as many as 63,625 international students were interested in continuing their education in Malaysia. The cost of living is also lower as compared to other countries – with a wide variety of foods, accommodation, and recreational activities you can do. You can get a US, UK and Australian degree there A major part of Malaysia's state investment in higher education is its growing partnerships with universities in other countries. Many foreign universities, especially Australian and British, have branch campuses in Malaysia. For example, Monash University (Australia) and the University of Nottingham (UK), both of which are in the top 100 universities in the world, have branch campuses in Malaysia. KBU International College is partnered with Anglia Ruskin, Nottingham Trent and Sheffield Hallam universities in the UK.1 At a lower cost. While an undergraduate course at the UK Campus of the University of Nottingham would cost £13,470, the same course at the Malaysia campus would cost just under half as much (39,990MYR/approximately £7,000).  The course is the same module content, has the same evaluation criteria and the same marking scheme which results in receiving the same degree with the same status, but at a significantly lower cost. 
 Also, take into consideration that the cost of living in Malaysia in comparison to that of the UK is considerably lower too, which means your maintenance costs are less of a financial burden too. 
It's a win-win situation.

It needs skilled graduates. With certain industries on the rise and a growing economy, Malaysia is in need of skilled workers. Industry makes up a significant part of the country’s GDP with oil, gas and palm oil making leaps and bounds in the export markets. In addition, there is a particular demand for graduates in accounting, biotechnology and computer science sectors. Being able to witness the development of these industries will keep you ahead of the game as well as having the opportunity to network with the all-important contacts to help get your first steps on the career ladder.

University Overview

Graduate outcomes

Swinburne offers a range of services and programmes that extend beyond what students learn in the classroom to enhance their qualification and prepare for a successful career.
Professional placements
The professional placements can pair students with leading employers in their area of study. They will receive credit towards their degree, professional skills and insight into their potential future through this service.
Accreditation placements
Some degrees include a mandatory work placement as a requirement of professional accreditation. Some professional experiences are credited to the students i degrees, and they will benefit from the long-standing relationship Swinburne is Sarawak campus has with top organisations that welcome its students every year.
Industrial engaged learning or internships
Swinburne leads the way in giving students hands-on industry experience. Industry-engaged learning programmes offer opportunities to learn from successful business and industry. If students are selected to undertake an internship, they will be paired with a leading employer in their areas of study.
Industry-based learning
The Industry-Based Learning programme gives students the opportunity to undertake a paid, relevant 6- to 12-months work placement as part of their university degree. It gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience during their degree year, giving them a distinct advantage over other graduates, allowing them to combine study with practical experience.
Capstone projects
Capstone Projects are professional, focused and practical team projects that engage students from across multiple disciplines in real challenges for local business, industry or the community. Students will be able to make valuable industry contacts, connect with an exciting community project or develop an industry solution that would kick-starts their career or business partnership.

How to apply

Students can submit their applications for enrolment into Swinburne is Sarawak campus online, sending the printed form directly, or submitting the printed form through an authorised representative in their country.
Application instructions:
International students must select a course from foundation studies, undergraduate degree, postgraduate programme by coursework, and postgraduate programme by research. If they have a few courses in mind, they can list three courses on their application, in order of preference.
Check entry requirements - Students must meet the minimum English language requirements and academic entry requirements before applying for their preferred course.
Students can read an overview of indicative costs or view individual course fees for students i courses of interest on the courses page.
Research relevant scholarships and financial assistance.
Gather education history with their application, and if applicable, employment history. Make sure they have relevant information, including their school name/s and year of graduation.
Get documents ready such as certified academic documents, English translation of the academic documents, English proficiency test results, and certified true copy of their passport.
Once the aforementioned steps have been followed and students have all the necessary documentation and information, they are ready to complete their application form and apply.
Read more on the application instructions.


Swinburne is Sarawak campus is the result of a partnership between the state government of Sarawak and the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia. Based in Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak in Malaysia, the university is an international branch campus that offers world-class degrees with teaching from industry-leading academics and was ranked the number one international university in Borneo by the Asia-Pacific University Rankings 2017.
The university runs a popular International Student Exchange Programme, allowing students to spend time studying abroad at one of their partner institutes, or at the Swinburne Melbourne campus.
There is a high success rate in the number of students that go on to find employment after graduating, with 93% in work within six months of leaving the university. For business and engineering graduates in particular, the results currently stand at a 100% success rate. The university has close ties with key industry members, and many students complete work experience at top companies during their studies.
State-of-the-art facilities at the campus include:
A digital resource centre
Research labs
24-hour computer lab
Modern library
Student lounge
Vast number of cafes.
Over RM10 million has been invested in the laboratories, providing industry-leading equipment for science students. The campus also boasts a central location, 10 minutes away from the airport and the city centre.
With 4,000 students from more than 50 different countries, the institution prides itself on providing a diverse and vibrant campus community for its students. There is also support services on offer, including counselling, financial support, help with housing and a careers service that gives advice on obtaining a job after graduation.

Scholarships & funding

Swinburne is Sarawak campus offers a range of scholarships to help international students reach their full potential. 
Scholarships funded by Swinburne is Sarawak campus, the government and private sectors are available to the prospective students. These scholarships are not just for high achievers, but also recognise students i involvement in extra-curricular activities.
The scholarships are as follows:
Swinburne Sarawak emerging technology bursary
This scholarship is open to students who enrol into one of the following degree programmes at Swinburne is Sarawak campus:
Bachelor of Business (Management and Digital Media)
Bachelor of Design (Multimedia Design)
Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical)(Honours)
Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology
Bachelor of Computer Science
Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)
Meet the minimum entry requirement for A Level or equivalent qualification
Minimum CGPA of 2.5 for Swinburne Sarawak Foundation graduate
Value of award
Up to 20% off from the first-year tuition fee
Swinburne Sarawak engagement award
This award is open to students who have won a competition or tournament organised by Swinburne is Sarawak campus.
Open to Malaysian secondary school-leavers and international high school school-leavers
For foundation or degree course only
Value of award
Up to 30% off from first year tuition fee
Read more on the scholarships available for international students.

Study options

Swinburne is Sarawak campus offers various foundations, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, as well as pathways to degrees. Students can explore a range of flexible study options to suit their needs and career goals, including:
The business courses offered at Swinburne is Sarawak campus helps students on an exploration of the fast-moving and challenging business, financial and management fields. Students are encouraged to be innovative and socially responsible, and are taught business skills and practices so that they can lead, develop and change any enterprise, anywhere in the world. A business course could lead to a future in accounting, data analysis, entrepreneurship, human resources, marketing and beyond.
Engineering courses takes students on a journey through a field that creates solutions to today is problems. Swinburne is Sarawak campus provides students with the comprehensive understanding and practical skills needed to design, build and maintain the institute is built environment. They will also have the opportunity to learn how to create innovative and sustainable products. An engineering course could lead to a future within civil, construction, mechanical, network and telecommunication environments.
The department places a strong emphasis on practical learning to give students a head-start in their future career. They will also discover research as a strong course component, due to Swinburne is extensive connections with national and international industries and researchers. A Science course could lead to a future in laboratories, hospitals, education and beyond.
English language
Swinburne is Sarawak campus offers two types of English Language courses, namely, intensive and supplementary for the foundation and degree undergraduates. These courses will provide students with instruction and practice in academic language and communication skills tailored specifically for them to succeed in their studies.
Read more about the study options.

What is new

The Times Higher Education has ranked Swinburne University of Technology as one of the top 100 world is most international universities. The ranking recognises the diversity of Swinburne is students and the extent to which its academics collaborate with international colleagues. 
Coming in at number 82 on the list, Swinburne was the third highest ranked university in Melbourne, behind Monash University and University of Melbourne.
The ranking was an indication of the university is commitment to building meaningful international connections, said Sarah Graham, Acting Vice-President (International and Students). We are proud to have strong partnerships and agreements with universities in Asia, North America, South America and Europe. We work with them closely to create education and research opportunities that will create long-lasting outcomes. We also have a large, vibrant international student cohort at Swinburne and their diverse life experiences create a learning environment that is beneficial to all of our students and staff.  
Some of the ways in which Swinburne fosters international collaboration includes: 
The Global Leadership Programme
The Keck telescope
The Swinburne Design Factory
Swinburne is Sarawak Campus

Why study here?

Affordable quality education
The Sarawak campus in Malaysia offers Australian quality education, as the fees are only a fraction of the cost of studying in Australia. A wide range of courses, from foundation to postgraduate programmes, identical to those offered by the home campus in Melbourne, are available at the Sarawak campus.
Courses taught at Swinburne is Sarawak campus are recognised by professional bodies relevant to its respective fields of studies such as the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), CPA Australia (CPAA), Engineers Australia (EA), Australian Computer Society, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ), the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).
Industry-engaged learning
At Swinburne is Sarawak campus, students can move closer to realising their career goals with a practical and relevant degree from the university. Industry Engaged Learning programmes allow students to engage directly with industry. It ensures that students graduate with the most sought-after skills and experiences that can help them enter and get ahead in the workforce, or study abroad.
Intercampus transfer
Flexibility is the hallmark of a Swinburne education. While students have the option of completing their studies in Kuching, they may transfer to complete them in Melbourne, subject to meeting the appropriate criteria. Additional majors are also available in Australia.
Student exchange programme
If students seek the experience of studying overseas, they may apply to participate in a student exchange programme. It offers selected undergraduates from the Sarawak campus (those in the second year onwards) an unmatched opportunity to enrich their tertiary learning experience in Melbourne at Malaysian costs. Read more on the advantages of studying at Swinburne is Sarawak campus.  

Overall Cost of Living


Campus Accomodation




Post Graduate


Overall Cost of Living Value

RM 19.200

Campus Accomodation Value

RM 12.090

Undergraduate Value

RM 31.660

Postgraduate Value

RM 30.370

Minimum IELTS Score

Post Graduate : 6.5

Undergraduate : 6


Post Graduate : 79

Undergraduate : 75

Swinburne Sarawak Academic Excellence Award (Degree)

Level 1: RM2,500 off from first year tuition fee; Level 2: RM3,500 off from first year tuition fee; Level 3: RM4,500 off from first year tuition fee

This award is open to students who attain good academic results in A i Level or equivalent, and is newly enrolled on a degree program at the university: ATAR Level 1: 80 - 85 Level 2: 86 - 89 Level 3: 90 and above International Baccalaureate Level 1: 30 - 33 Level 2: 34 - 36 Level 3: 37 and above China National University Entrance Exam (GaoKao) Average grade of: Level 1: 80% Level 2: 85% Level 3: 90% and above Indonesia SMU III  Average grade of: Level 1: 85% Level 2: 90% Level 3: 95% and above Vietnam High School Qualification (Year 12) Average grade of: Level 1: 85% Level 2: 90% Level 3: 95% and above   GCE A i Level, Sri Lankan A i Level, Mauritius Cambridge HSC, Tanzania A i Level, Zimbabwe ZGCE A i Level & Uganda A i Level Level 1: 2Bs Level 2: 1A and 2Bs Level 3: 2As and above Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) Mean grade of: Level 1: B Level 2: B+ Level 3: A and above   Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Year 11 Average grade of: Level 1: 4.5 Level 2: 4.7 Level 3: 5.0 India SSC (10+2) & Pakistan HSSC Average grade of: Level 1: 80% Level 2: 85% Level 3: 90% and above   Bangladesh HSC Average GPA of: Level 1: 4.0 Level 2: 4.5 Level 3: 5.0 Iran Pre-University Average grade of: Level 1: 80% Level 2: 85% Level 3: 90% and above   Ontario CPU: Level 1: 80% Level 2: 85% Level 3: 90% and above Korean Senior High School Diploma Level 1: 85% Level 2: 90% Level

Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, All international

Students must send the competed application form along with the necessary documents to Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus, Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia.

Swinburne Sarawak Academic Excellence Award (Foundation)

Level 1: RM3,000 off on annual tuition fee; Level 2: RM4,000 off on annual tuition fee; Level 3: RM6,500 off on annual tuition fee; Level 4: RM7,500 off on annual tuition fee

GCE O i Level (IGCSE, SSC, WAEC, NECO or equivalent) Level 1: 4As Level 2: 5As Level 3: 6As Level 4: 6As* Iran High School (Year 11) Average grade of: Level 1: 80% Level 2: 85% Level 3: 90% Level 4: 95% Vietnam High School Qualification (Year 11) Average grade of: Level 1: 80% Level 2: 85% Level 3: 90% Level 4: 95% Bangladesh SSC - average GPA of: Level 1: 4.0 Level 2: 4.3 Level 3: 4.5 Level 4: 5.0 Myanmar Matriculation Examination - average grade of**: Level 1: 80% Level 2: 85% Level 3: 90% Level 4: 95%   GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE) Thanawiya Amma (General Secondary Certificate of Education) Level 1: 80% Level 2: 85% Level 3: 90% Level 4: 95% and above

Mauritius, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe, All international

Students must send the competed application form along with the necessary documents to Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus, Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia.

Swinburne Sarawak Credit Recognition Excellence Award

10% off from the first year tuition fee

Open to international students Open to a diploma graduate who attained a CGPA of 3.7 and above

All international

Students must submit the competed application form to Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus, Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia. Closing date: Second Friday after the commencement of the term

Swinburne Sarawak Master by Coursework Bursary

Level 1: 10% off from first year is tuition fee; Level 2: 10% off from the total course fee

This is open to newly enrolled students with the following result from a recognized academic institution. Bachelor degree graduate with CGPA of: Level 1: 3.00 and above Level 2: 3.75 and above

All international

Students must submit the competed application form to Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus, Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia. Closing date: Second Friday after the commencement of the term

Overall Review

Admission Process : 0 / 5

Scholarships : 0 / 5

Life Experience : 0 / 5

Job Prospects : 0 / 5