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Why choose study in Malaysia

Best destinations for studying abroad Malaysia's rich culture – due to the major and minor ethnicities living in the country – is one of the main reasons why it is one of the best destinations for those who want to study abroad. As of 2015, as many as 63,625 international students were interested in continuing their education in Malaysia. The cost of living is also lower as compared to other countries – with a wide variety of foods, accommodation, and recreational activities you can do. You can get a US, UK and Australian degree there A major part of Malaysia's state investment in higher education is its growing partnerships with universities in other countries. Many foreign universities, especially Australian and British, have branch campuses in Malaysia. For example, Monash University (Australia) and the University of Nottingham (UK), both of which are in the top 100 universities in the world, have branch campuses in Malaysia. KBU International College is partnered with Anglia Ruskin, Nottingham Trent and Sheffield Hallam universities in the UK.1 At a lower cost. While an undergraduate course at the UK Campus of the University of Nottingham would cost £13,470, the same course at the Malaysia campus would cost just under half as much (39,990MYR/approximately £7,000).  The course is the same module content, has the same evaluation criteria and the same marking scheme which results in receiving the same degree with the same status, but at a significantly lower cost. 
 Also, take into consideration that the cost of living in Malaysia in comparison to that of the UK is considerably lower too, which means your maintenance costs are less of a financial burden too. 
It's a win-win situation.

It needs skilled graduates. With certain industries on the rise and a growing economy, Malaysia is in need of skilled workers. Industry makes up a significant part of the country’s GDP with oil, gas and palm oil making leaps and bounds in the export markets. In addition, there is a particular demand for graduates in accounting, biotechnology and computer science sectors. Being able to witness the development of these industries will keep you ahead of the game as well as having the opportunity to network with the all-important contacts to help get your first steps on the career ladder.

University Overview


Raffles Education Corporation Limited boasts of being the largest private education provider in the Asia Pacific region. Starting with a college in Singapore in 1990 the Group currently operates and manages 33 colleges in over 13 countries and 30 cities. Raffles University Iskandar under the EduCity@Iskandar project is an initiative in-line with the Malaysian government's plans to make Malaysia a preferred higher education destination for students from all around the world. All courses at Raffles are conducted in English and most programmes offer industry-based internships as well. An education at Raffles prepares students for a successful career-path of their choice.

Overall Cost of Living


Overall Cost of Living Value

RM 13.840