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Why choose study in Australia

Home for the best universities in the world
Australia has some of the best colleges in the world. Several Australian universities are listed in the top 100 best universities in the world. With approximately more than 22,000 courses in 1,100 institutions, a great number of fields or study areas are available, making it highly likely that you can take up your choice of degree, training or course.

The numbers above show that Australian education has the quantity and variety, but it is also worth noting that the country leads in quality. Seven out of the top 100 universities in the world can be found in Australia. Their university system also ranks 8th in the world, ahead of countries such as the UK, Germany and Japan. With these, Australia is recognized as a country that offers world-class education.

Some of the most popular fields to study are the natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, social sciences and medical fields. Australian study programmes cover almost every possible subject students might need.

Australian degree is a globally recognized degree
When you study in Australia, your degree is trusted and recognised internationally. The Australian education system maintains its international reputation through high educational standards, with its universities standing out in world league tables. Moreover, most courses and training undertaken by international students in Australia are covered by Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). It is a system of learning which is authorised by the Australian government.

Be at the forefront of Technology and Innovations
Australia has a reputation for adopting new technologies at a faster rate than in most other countries. Facilities for teaching, training and research are world-class in terms of state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms, outstanding libraries and modern technology. One of the most appealing aspect of the country for international students is the quality of scientific research. Australia is at the forefront of new technology and innovations. Students who study in Australia can take advantage the country’s impressive technology and research resources. Australia has quality of scientific research programs available for international students.

Pay reasonable tuition fees
Australian education programs represent great value for money. Fees for vocational courses in Australia start from $AUD7000 and can reach around $AUD30,000 per year. An undergraduate program can cost you from $AUD15,000 to $AUD33,000 per year and postgraduate tuition fees range from $AUD20,000 to $AUD37,000 annually. Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) courses start at around $AUD4000 while fees for foundation studies start from $AUD15,000 per year. Planning to take up an English language course? These courses start from only $AUD300 per week depending on the course length.

Australian courses are often shorter than alternatives in other countries, particularly in the US. Most Australian bachelor degree courses can be completed in three years and even less if the education provider works on a trimester system. This means that you can save a whole year's tuition fees if you choose to study in Australian rather than in the US or the UK.

Start a successful career while studying
Australian cities have excellent job prospects and a multicultural community of students who are supported through student services programs. Australian graduates have excellent job prospects from their internationally-trusted universities. Working during your studies is also encouraged – international students on student visas are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week to boost their living expenses. Work experience and internships are all ways in which you can gain Australian work experience in your field of study and be competitive in the international job market after graduation

University Overview

Applied innovation

The Centre of Applied Innovation links the globally-minded learner to the world is cutting edge developments in every field of human endeavour. Biotechnology, Cybersecurity, Nanomaterials, Textiles, Food Production, Defence, Gaming and Entertainment, Off-grid Living, Communications, Intelligent Ecosystems, Wellness - if students can think of it, the Centre can build the bridge between student passion and the world that can put it to good use.
Hosting the only academically integrated finance and innovation intelligence system, Melbourne Polytechnic is the first tertiary education institution to provide students and industry partners access to the world is single largest global repository of innovation and analytics. The Centre of Applied Innovation is proprietary linguistic and financial analytics capability enables the integration of complex foresight, data analytics and market intelligence.
Applied Innovation contextualises great ideas and places them into actionable contexts and situations. Through this, students can…
Identify relevant contexts…into which creativity can achieve its greatest impact.
Link diverse communities…with similar interests, challenges or solutions.
Provide instant accessibility…researchers and businesses in over 168 countries to form just-in-time collaboration.
It hosts the Global Innovation Commons - over AUD2 trillion of global research and development disclosures.
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Entry requirements

To study at Melbourne Polytechnic, international students must be 16 years or older, and meet all of course entrance requirements as outlined below.
Academic level
Melbourne Polytechnic requires the successful completion of studies equivalent to Australian Year 11 and Year 12 education as the minimum level of entry into most certificate, diploma and degree courses.
If students do not meet Melbourne Polytechnic is academic entry-level requirements but have acquired skills or knowledge relevant to their chosen course, students may apply as mature age students. A mature age student is considered to be over 18 years old, and has been out of full-time education for at least one year.
English proficiency
All international student applicants must demonstrate a sufficient level of English language proficiency in accordance with course is English language entry requirements as per the stated requirements below. Other evidence of English proficiency may be accepted in individual cases upon submission of appropriate documentation.
Satisfactory completion of one of the following, completed no more than 2 years prior to the date of application unless otherwise specified.
  1. Previous studies in a specified English speaking country where English was the language of instruction:
Successful completion of an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Qualification delivered offshore
Certificate in Academic English (CAE)
  2. English language proficiency requirements for student visas
Depending on their country of citizenship and intended course of study, evidence of a suitable level of English language proficiency may be required for a student visa application.
This requirement is separate to Melbourne Polytechnic, although applicants will still be required to demonstrate that they have, or will, meet the student visa English language skills eligibility requirement before unconditional entry is granted. More entry requirement details…


Melbourne Polytechnic offers students a range of services, facilities and learning resources across its campuses. It is home to six libraries, learning services, conference facilities, restaurants and much more.
Bookshop - The bookshop is part of the Co-op, Australia is largest provider of textbooks and is owned and operated by its members. The Co-op is located in over 60 universities and learning institutions across Australia. Students can order books anytime online, and as a bonus orders over AUD50 are shipped free of charge.
David Williamson theatre - The David Williamson Theatre is located within the Prahran Campus on High Street and is a preferred choice for events and productions.
Learn English - If students are looking to learn English, there is a range of excellent courses, from basic literacy to more advanced classes.
This can help students learn about life in Australia and get them on the right path to their future career and talk them through their career options.
Libraries - There are six comprehensive libraries and each campus library contains various spaces to suit different learning styles. There are also information literacy programmes to ensure students acquire the necessary skills to succeed in their studies and career.
Its facilities include PCs and laptops, wireless and internet access, printing, copying and scanning, collections of books, periodicals (print and online) and other course-related materials and texts such as videos, magazines and computer software.
It also has an extensive suite of e-resources available for students to use day or night.
Restaurants - Melbourne Polytechnic has two fully equipped training restaurants where students can learn the art of commercial cookery, hospitality or grab a bite to eat.
More about facilities…

How to apply

Students must carefully check all the entry requirements for the courses they are applying for. The next step is to complete the Melbourne Polytechnic International Student Application Form.
They must submit their application to the International Office by email, mail, fax or through an authorised Melbourne Polytechnic Education Agent. Students must read and understand the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment before applying.
Their application must be accompanied by:
A certified copy of their passport
Certified copies of their academic qualifications translated into English
Evidence of their English language proficiency
Any other information or documents that are specified in the usual course entry requirements (this may involve a recent portfolio of their work, an audition, resume or interview)
Melbourne Polytechnic International Office can assist students with the submission of their application and is the single point of contact for all their queries - once the application is received.
There is no fee charged for submission of an application. Fees are only charged once the enrolment is confirmed. More application details…


Melbourne Polytechnic offers over 80 vocational and higher education courses spread across seven campuses and two training centres in Melbourne, Australia. The institute is one of Australia's largest vocational training and higher education providers and welcomes students from over 70 countries around the world. Melbourne Polytechnic received the Victorian Government's Premier's Award for Excellence in International Education in 2014.
The institution offers an impressive range of facilities across its campuses which offer real-life working conditions. These include an on-site hairdresser, a garden centre, recording studios, a childcare centre, theatre, training restaurants and even an award-winning wine cellar. There are also seven well-stocked libraries and a fitness centre located at the Preston campus, featuring a fully-equipped gym.
Students receive a huge amount of guidance at the Melbourne Polytechnic. Dedicated services include help for students with a disability, information on accommodation, a confidential counselling team, and support for international students. A number of career-related activities are also arranged throughout the year so that students can get a taster of different industries, and gain knowledge of the different options available to them after they finish their degree.
Melbourne has a thriving arts and culture scene, along with a vibrant nightlife, beautiful coast and plenty of nature, making it an ideal place to study in. It is also continuously ranked as the most liveable city in the world.
Melbourne Polytechnic runs Student Life at MelbPoly (SLAM), which organises a wide range of activities, events and trips for students to get involved in throughout the year. The organisation also encourages them to run their own events, fundraisers and competitions, as well as helping develop students' skills through training and workshops. 

Scholarships & funding

Melbourne Polytechnic scholarships are awarded on a range of criteria, such as merit, their area of study or personal circumstances.
Available scholarships differ from semester to semester and year to year.
Recognition of excellence in transnational studies
Melbourne Polytechnic provides high performing transnational students who have demonstrated excellence in their course of study, the opportunity to apply for a merit based scholarship to continue their studies in a related field at Melbourne Polytechnic with a significant scholarship.
This scholarship can be availed by all current and future Melbourne Polytechnic transnational students.
All Melbourne Polytechnic transnational students that are enrolled in their final year of study offshore, or who have completed their transnational course within 6 months of the application closing date, are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
More scholarship details…

Study options

Melbourne Polytechnic offers excellent course options for international students…
Melbourne Polytechnic is one of the most successful and largest providers of tertiary education and vocational training in Australia. It is a Government funded and owned Registered Training Organisation (RTO).
Studying in Australia offers students many benefits, including learning about a new culture, broadening career prospects and improving English skills. Melbourne Polytechnic gives students more pathways into a degree and higher learning education.
Melbourne Polytechnic is committed to work in partnership with the world is leading industry partners, universities and research institutes.
English language intensive course for overseas students (Elicos)
Melbourne Polytechnic offers the English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) at all levels from beginner to advanced (English for Academic Purposes). Studies concentrate on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.
Its Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees are designed to get students on track to achieving their academic and career goals.
It has been partnered with La Trobe University since 2008, offering pathways into a range of undergraduate programmes. After graduating from Melbourne Polytechnic, students can explore articulating into a relevant course at La Trobe University.
More about study options on offer…

University Ranking

Diversity Index - Rank: 49

Feel At Home Index - Rank: 5.46%

Overall Cost of Living


Campus Accomodation




Post Graduate


Overall Cost of Living Value

A$ 19.830

Campus Accomodation Value

A$ 8.460

Undergraduate Value

A$ 16.900

Postgraduate Value

A$ 18.500