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Why choose study in Singapore

1. Top notch education
Mixing the western ideologies and methodologies into their education system has brought Singapore to be a renowned international study destination. Singapore universities are among the top 20 universities in the world.

2. Multilingual environment
Singapore has four official languages, English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil, with English as the most used language. Every Singaporean is at least bilingual so studying here will give you’re the opportunity to be immersed in a multilingual environment and boost your language skills.
3. Work Experience
Singapore has the lowest unemployment rate among developed countries making it one of the best countries to pursue your dream career. And as the economy is booming, companies are offering high wages and benefits to attract skilled workers and talents.

4. Easy work permit
Getting the permit will only take a few clicks on the government website. And, if you already have a job offer secured at hand, you will know the outcome within just one day. No queuing, no papers bureaucracy, and no long list of documents needed. The whole procedure is efficient, plus the renewal process is fast and straightforward.

University Overview


LASALLE's campus is an exercise in sheer imagination. Conceptualised and designed by Singapore-based architectural firm, RSP Architects, the campus buildings stand out for their striking use of stone, glass and aluminium. They are linked by an integrated atrium and sky bridges, and an innovative roof structure covers the entire site seamlessly.
Key features of the campus
1,500 square metres of contemporary art exhibition and gallery spaces
The region's first Theatre and Art Production Workshop which allows students to create full-scale sets on-campus
One theatre and two black box spaces, including Singapore is flexible performance space with 'in-the-round' seating
Dance studios
Ten computer labs equipped with iMacs
Three lecture theatres
Converged i network communications infrastructure by Cisco, including a wireless network environment, supporting services like e-learning, video conferencing, education, digital media and campus security.
These facilities in combination with the state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories provide an ideal atmosphere for students to learn and perfect their knowledge.
The College provides several other facilities including:
The Ngee Ann Kongsi Library offers an excellent collection of books and electronic materials for reference.
Highlights of the library
Materials that cover a comprehensive range of the arts
A Singapore collection of local artists, art scene and lifestyle
Specialist art dictionaries, encyclopaedias and directories
Exhibition catalogues of local and foreign artists
Online MIT Press and Oxford journals
Audio-visual collection, including music CDs, CD-ROMs, videos and DVDs

How to apply

LASALLE has a well-defined process for admission of international students. International students should adopt the following procedure to apply for a course at LASALLE:
Step 1: Submit an online application with the application fees.
Applications made from October through April for the August Intake.
Step 2: Post the application package (printed application form, supporting documents, portfolio/audition thumbdrive) within seven working days of the online application to the Division of Admissions. Students may also submit their portfolio/audition video/audio online after they have applied.
Applicants are advised to send all supporting documents to the following address:
Division of Academic Administration - Admissions
LASALLE College of the Arts
1 McNally Street
Singapore 189740
Submit your application package through our appointed overseas representatives within seven working days of their online application.
LASALLE is approved overseas representatives
LASALLE has a network of overseas representatives to provide programme advice and application services to international students. Students may choose to submit their application through the approved overseas representatives.
Visit our website for a full list.


LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore is a leading tertiary institution in cutting edge contemporary arts and design education and practice. The college offers over 30 diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in fine arts, design communication, interior design, product design, film, animation, fashion, dance, music, theatre, arts management, arts pedagogy and practice, art therapy, Asian art histories, and creative writing.
Its faculty is led by a community of award-winning artists, designers, educators and researchers, and their practice-led research sets LASALLE apart as an international centre of excellence. Critically acclaimed alumni form the core of the cultural and creative sectors in Singapore and increasingly, internationally.
Founded in 1984 by De La Salle Brother Joseph McNally - a visionary artist and educator - LASALLE is a not-for-profit, private educational institution. LASALLE receives tuition grant support from the Singapore Ministry of Education. Its degree programmes are validated by Goldsmiths, University of London.


LASALLE offers Asia-Pacific's widest range of diplomas and degrees in the region's only integrated arts campus - a unique learning environment that encourages interdisciplinary interaction and a contemporary approach to developing reflective practitioners. The programmes include:
Diploma programmes
From visual to performing arts, choose from a wide range of programmes to begin your arts education:
Diploma in Animation
Diploma in Audio Production
Diploma in Broadcast Media
Diploma in Dance
Diploma in Design Communication
Diploma in Fashion
Diploma in Fine Arts
Diploma in Interior Design
Diploma in Music
Diploma in Performance
Diploma in Technical and Production Management
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) programmes
Further your arts education with our wide range of programmes, which integrate practice and theory. All Bachelor of Arts (Hons) programmes are developed and delivered by LASALLE and validated by Goldsmiths, University of London.
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Arts Management
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Design Communication
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fashion Media and Industries
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Interior Design
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Product Design
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Film
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fine Arts
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Animation Art
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Music
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Acting
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Musical Theatre
Postgraduate programmes
Building on its established history in postgraduate delivery, LASALLE offers Master of Arts programmes in the widest range of creative disciplines - some of them being the region is first. All MAs are developed and delivered by LASALLE and validated by Goldsmiths, University of London.
LASALLE offers the following Postgraduate programmes including:
Master of Arts Asian Art Histories
Master of Arts Arts and Cultural Management
Master of Arts Art Therapy
Master of Arts Fine Arts
Master of Arts Arts Pedagogy and Practice
Master of Arts Creative Writing
Master of Arts Design
Read more on other programmes here…


Future leader scholarship
Value of scholarship:
For Diploma Admission: Up to a maximum of SGD 5,000 for the first year of studies in LASALLE.
For Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Admission: Up to a maximum of SGD 10,000 for the first year of studies in LASALLE.
Eligibility requirements:
All nationalities
Applicants must have been offered a place in a full‐time Diploma or BA (Hons) programme for the August 2018 intake
Non-­recipients of any other scholarships / bursaries / financial aid awarded by external organisations
LASALLE scholarship for MA studies
Value of scholarship: Up to a maximum of SGD 5,000 for the entire MA course.
Eligibility requirements:
All nationalities
Applicants must have been offered a place in a full­‐time MA programme for the June or August 2018 intake
Non­‐recipients of any other scholarships / bursaries / financial aid awarded by external organisations or LASALLE.
Who can apply: All nationalities.
South East Asia (SEAsia) scholars award
Value of scholarship: Each scholarship covers the full tuition fees to complete the MA Asian Art Histories or MA Arts and Cultural Management programme within the normal duration of study
Eligibility requirements:
Only applicants from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam
Applicants from MA Asian Art Histories and MA Arts and Cultural Management who have been offered a place for the January 2018 intake
Non-recipients of any other scholarships / bursaries / financial aid awarded by external organisations or LASALLE
Read more on all the scholarships available…

What's new

LASALLE Postgraduate Info Day 2018
Date: Wed 5 September 2018
Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Venue: LASALLE College of the Arts, 1 McNally Street
Free admission
Go deeper into the arts. Pursue your passion and enhance your career prospectus at Singapore's only dedicated contemporary arts college!
Be immersed in a vibrant community of visual artists, creative writers, art historians and other art professionals who will greatly enrich your journey at LASALLE, Singapore is only dedicated contemporary arts college! Join us at our upcoming Postgrad Info Day to find out more about the specialised postgraduate programmes in the arts and creative disciplines LASALLE has to offer. #ArtsOrNothing #PostgradInfoDay

Why study here?

… because you want to be a hotshot art director in advertising, a trendsetting fashion designer who sets the international runways ablaze, a critically-acclaimed Broadway superstar, an Oscar-winning movie director and a leader in your chosen field of the creative industry.
At LASALLE, you will…
Learn in a real arts school which is practice-led and industry focused.
Experience the creative collisions that spark artistic revolutions through unlimited interdisciplinary collaborations.
Be in a progressive environment where you are encouraged to be a creative individual.
Be mentored by some of the best international arts practitioners and taught by practicing artists from the creative industries.
Be plugged into the global arts scene with visits by the world is premier arts celebrities: Diane von Furstenberg, Gilbert & George, Karim Rashid, Lord David Puttnam, Miroslava Duma, Paul Sermon, Robert Wilson, Stelarc, Thomas Heatherwick, Victoria Beckham and more.
Be in an accredited institution with programmes that are original and developed by LASALLE.
Benefit from our robust internship programmes and collaborations with established industry partners that lead to gainful employment.
Multiple creative projects with top global brands
Be embraced by a diverse community with 40% of students and lecturers from more than 40 countries, in a conducive hub of artistic energy. If you are from Singapore, ask yourself, Why go abroad when abroad is here?
Eat, breathe, and live creativity 24/7 with a range of activities like on-campus exhibitions, performances, gigs, open mics, and arts markets in our award-winning campus.
So come to LASALLE if what you want is a successful career in the arts!

Overall Cost of Living


Average Private Rent




Post Graduate


Overall Cost of Living Value

SG$ 16.800

Average Private Rent Value

SG$ 8.400

Undergraduate Value

SG$ 23.800

Postgraduate Value

SG$ 22.000

Minimum IELTS Score

Post Graduate : 7

Undergraduate : 6


Post Graduate : 100

Undergraduate : 80

Overall Review

Overall Experience : 5 / 5

Admission Process : 4 / 5

Scholarships : 4 / 5

Life Experience : 5 / 5

Job Prospects : 5 / 5

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