We give the best service for you!

We give the best service for you!

Education & Career Consulting

With Experienced more than 25 years, Fortrust has seen so many careers path have changed including education that more related to the industries need. We make sure that we do the consultant according to the student’s need, careers future path and universities availability to suit the students

Travel Arrangement

Fortrust  assist students in their travel arrangement, such as docs for visa,  including airport pick up and travel itinerary, to make students and parents rest assured that everything have been look after and have peace in mind.

Accommodation Arrangement

Accommodation arrangement refers to the process of organizing accommodations for students; usually the accommodation list comes from universities or institutions that the students attend the institutions. Once the students confirm the accommodation, Fortrust will assist the student to arrange the booking.

VISA Processing Administration

Fortrust assist students and parents for the visa processing administration which refers to the activities and procedures involved in the handling and management of visa applications submitted by students who wish to enter a particular country or territory. It encompasses the entire process from application submission to visa issuance 

IELTS, TOEFL, Academic English and General English Preparation Course

Fortrust provide English preparation that refer to the process of acquiring and improving the skills necessary to communicate effectively in the English language. It involves studying and practicing various aspects of the language, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening, and speaking and also for International test such as IELTS and TOEFL Test.

Profiling Test

Fortrust provide also Career Guidance and Development test: Profiling tests assist students in exploring and aligning their career choices with their personality traits, interests, and values. These tests provide insights into suitable career paths, job roles, and work environments that may be a good fit for a student. This test is useful especially for the students that are still confuse about their study program and future careers.

Pre-Departure Information

Fortrust provide a pre-departure briefing that conducted before a student’s departure for a specific destination or travel experience. the pre departure include:

1. Travel logistics: including flight itineraries, transportation options, and accommodation arrangements;

2. Destination information: includes information about the destination country, culture, customs, laws, and etiquette.

3. Health and safety: are briefed on health and safety measures relevant to their travel destination


Health Insurance Arrangement

Fortrust assist students to get and arrange health insurance which provides financial protection and access to medical care in case of illness, injury, or emergencies. Each countries have their own medical health insurance for student. 


Foreign Exchange Assistance

Fortrust assist students and parents for giving information about Foreign exchange assistance  services and support provided to students who are studying abroad or traveling to a foreign country for educational purposes. These services aim to facilitate currency exchange, manage finances, and ensure smooth transactions while students are in a different currency environment.

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